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Product Information

Development contribution

  • Support development
  • Be one of first to get sanitizer
  • 50% rebate on product

Target Performance

  • 100m³/h
  • 98% Covid19 inactivation
  • 0.25 window equivalent
  • Ceiling installation

Performance and Dimension

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It's 100m³/h flow 98% inactivation rate air sanitizer for ceiling mount. It'll be about 40cmx30cmx70cm and can be installed to the ceiling lamp power supply. It cleans air of Covid 19 equivalent to having 1 window open for 15min every hour in 180m³ room.


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You are supporting the development of the sanitizer so it becomes available at low cost as soon as possible. You will be one of the first receiving the functional product when you decide to order. You will get rebate of 50% of your development contribution.